Agricultural fencing

See who offer agricultural fencing near you.

Farm Fencing contracting and equestrian fencing

On FarmBackup you find a wide selection of companies offering agricultural fencing and equestrian fencing. The do any jobs from fixing existing fences, replacing fences and new establishment.

Equestrian fencing

When you do equestrian fencing, you predominately build fences for horses. You normally use wood, but other materials are also an option, to make sure no animal can either escape or enter the pound.

Agricultural fencing

Are you to protect your cattle, sheep or other animals, you need to establish a fence. Depending on the type of animal you are keeping behind the fence, a lot of different options are available, such as stock, post and rail fencing.

Agricultural fencing contractors rates

Farm fencing rates can vary a lot depending on the service you require. Some price deepening on metre others work by the hour. Equal for all of them is that price on material depends on the quality you demand. Working by the metre, the price can vary from 2.5 GBP/metre to 6,5 GBP/metre. By the hour, prices vary from 25 GBP/hour to 35 GBP/hour.

What type of fencing service?

You can find many different service and different machines can often do the same job. However, some setups might be faster and supply a better end product. Contractors either use tractor mounted or self propelled fencing machines.