Hedge cutting

See who offer hedge cutting near you.

Hedge cutting near me

On FarmBackup you get the best overview of what farmers and agricultural contractors who offer hedge trimming. Most suppliers offer hedge cutting in a radius of 30-50 kilometres so changes that you can find someone who can help you is very large.

Hedge cutting dates

It is important to always check the latest rules for when you are allowed to cut your hedges. Currently, Section 40 of the Wildlife Acts 1976, states that any hedge trimming, grubbing or destruction is prohibited from March 1 to August 31. This is due to protection of wildlife.

Hedge cutting prices

Pricing on hedge cutting can vary from region to region as well as the size of the task. Prices also differ depending on the efficiency of the machine cutting as well as the pull + implement setup. Some setup is build to handle large vegitation and therefore cost more. Looking at Farmbackup we can see that the price range goes from 20 - 44 GBP/hour.

Different types of hedge cutters

There is a wide range of different hedge cutters to trim your hedges - some are good to cut through thick branches others leave a very nice finish. To mention a few of the popular brands, contractors seams to use are Bomford, Spearhead and McConnel.