Nurse tank

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Rent of a nurse tank

In agriculture, for a variety of reasons it may be necessary to acquire a nurse tank. It can be both of necessity if the tank is floating over or for practical reasons, to make the transport time shorter for the slurry wagons when driving slurry. It is very normal that you can rent a nurse tank in both short and long periods when paying a daily price. For longer rental periods one can typically get a discount.

Filled slurry tank

Farmers with livestock experience year after year that their slurry tanks fill up faster than they can empty them. This may include due to an increase in livestock or that the weather does not allow you to start running slurry on the fields.

Effective slurry drive with nurse tank

Having a nurse tank located at the field can help to ensure a more effective slurry campaign, as the large slurry spreader/injector do not have to go from the field to the slurry tankers on the farm to refuel its tank, but instead can it handle everything by sucking the slurry from a nurse tank that is located on the edge of the field. Trucks will typically run between the farmer and the nurse tank to ensure that it is constantly filled with slurry. Likewise, you avoid driving large, heavy and dirty slurry spreaders/injectors on the roads that can often be discomfortable to the locals.

Which size?

Buffering tanks can come in many sizes, and it is not abnormal to find models from 40 - 110 cubic metres (m3).