What do other people say?
"FarmBackup gives farmers easy access to the services available in their area. It is important for us to be listed so that everyone can see which services we provide. We have just invested in an Agrometer umbilical slurry injector, which of course has been listed on FarmBackup."

Birger Niemann owns Niemanns Contracting Service
"We don’t know all the farmers in our area and it has been a challenge for us to spread the message about what we have to offer. Now we have a profile on FarmBackup which ensures that farmers will find us when they search online."

Morten Olesen, farm manager at DLM
"FarmBackup made it possible for our company to get online in a matter of minutes. Now we have an online profile on FarmBackup showing all the agricultural services we offer, which is something we have wanted for a long time. We don't have to think about complicated website maintenance or online marketing - it's all handled by FarmBackup"

Lars and Rasmus Hummeluhr, owner of Rodstedgaard Agri Service
"After getting a profile I have experienced a significant increase in people contacting me. I’m only active on FarmBackup, so they get the full credit for this."

Morten Rasmussen, owner of M.R. Contracting
"I would rather work in the fields then spending a lot of time in front of the computer. As a consequence, I have never had the motivation to go through the complex process of creating and maintaining a website for my business. However, the team behind FarmBackup have made everything so simple, that even I had a FarmBackup profile up and running in a matter of minutes."

Leif Andersen, Farm owner and agricultural contractor
"I offer direct drilling with my Claydon Hybrid and after creating a profile on FarmBackup I have got several new customers. I don’t have a website, so this is the perfect way for me to get found online."

Anders Rasmussen, contracting together with his brother
"I am a pig farmer and all my field work is outsourced to contractors. FarmBackup gives me a much-needed overview of all the contractors in my area and more importantly, I can see details about the machines they are using"

Martin Kjær Axel, pig farmer